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Fitricion is changing the narrative in the vitamin and supplement industry by offering an array of vegan-friendly natural products with clean ingredients that uphold purity, potency and high quality standards giving you the option of choosing a brand that you can trust and have confidence in that works.

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Fitricion changed my life! No cravings, no hunger, the pills are energy in a bottle. I am so happy with my weight loss results.

Francia M.

I'm obsessed with these products. I stock up to make sure I never run out. I'm -25lbs down & very satisfied.


My appetite is gone. I not longer struggle with late night cravings I now eating healthy without sabotaging all my hard work.


Introducing The Lipo Deluxe Bundle

No need to get Liposuction when you have these two working together. Both Better Than Lipo and Liquid Lipo are two of our best products to help you melt body fat, and accelerate your metabolism while helping suppress your appetite.

Better Than Lipo

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Liquid Lipo

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The Night & Day Deluxe

Are you in need of more energy to help get you through your workout or even just the day? Are you also in desperate need of getting a good night's sleep?Then the Day & Night Deluxe Bundle is the perfect match for you! Zero to A Hundred will give you the endurance you need to have a productive day, and our Sleep Tight will make sure you are sleeping like a father who has a newborn baby (because we know babies don't sleep, but dads sure do.)

The Colon Cleanser Deluxe Bundle

If you are struggling with losing the belly fat and the weight, having a hard time going to the bathroom and not breaking down your food, then the Colon Cleanser Deluxe is exactly what you need! Goodbye Bloat Colonic In A Bottle make a great pair, working together to help your digestive system get back on track.

Fitricion Supplements

Goodbye Bloat

Your days of being bloated will go bye-bye with this all-natural blend. Goodbye Bloat helps your stomach digest food properly allowing you to lose unnecessary pounds while flaunting a flatter tummy. 

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Colonic In A Bottle

If you are struggling with losing weight and keeping it off, it may be because you're full of crap! Literally. If you are not going to the bathroom every single day Colonic In A Bottle can help heal, balance and clean out your gut and colon naturally!

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Zero To A Hundred

When you're tank is on empty, and you need to find the energy to make it thru your workout quick, just take just 1 scoop of Zero To A Hundred to feel alive again. Helps muscles to recover quickly without soreness, and tastes so good you'll have to stop yourself from drinking more.

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Sleep Tight

A good night's sleep is crucial when it comes to weight loss and overall health. Sleep Tight will be sure to help you count sheep. Helps you produce the sleep-inducing substance melatonin, alleviating insomnia symptoms.

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Better Than Lipo

Better Than Bloat

Introducing our newest product! No need to go under the knife, when you have this pill. Better Than Lipo is the natural way to get lipo like results. Help speed up your metabolism and accelerate fat burn with this incredible combination of ingredients.

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Liquid Lipo

Who knew that African Mango, would be the next best thing to getting lipo?! The main ingredient in our Liquid Lipo product is a miraculous herb that acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Just a couple of drops a day will help melt the fat away! Accelerates fat loss, speed up metabolism while targeting stubborn belly fat.  

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